Soil Sampling & Nutrient Management

Fertility is one of the most important pieces in growing a crop to its potential. We offer grid and zone sampling to fit your needs. The core of our program is based on four simple principles:

Professionalism All services our provided by professional staff, knowledgeable of your agronomic needs. To us that means a college degree and a CCA certificate. We are accountable for what we do in your fields because we want you to call us back in 4 years when it’s time to resample.

Accuracy Our grid samples are comprised of 12-15 cores per sample zone. We guarantee that our process will provide accurate, repeatable results.

Service Variable rate recommendations are provided based on your needs and will factor in yield goals & yield potential, target fertility levels and land tenure considerations for each field. We can provide files for any area retailers and any type of rate controller.

Confidentiality We hold our clients data in the strictest confidence. The information we collect for you is your property and can be transferred to any platform or service provider to meet your needs.

We offer fall, spring and early summer sampling. Contact us to discuss what program fits best with your operation.

In addition to soil sampling, NIAP offers:

  • Nitrate Sampling (soil nitrate and fall stalk sampling)

  • Manure Sampling and Analysis

  • DNR Manure Management Plans

  • NRCS Nutrient Management Plans