Technical Service Provider

Technical Service Providers provide a crucial role in assisting the NRCS with delivery of technical services for Farm Bill Conservation Programs. North Iowa Agronomy Partners has been providing TSP services in Iowa for more than a decade. Beginning in 2019, we are pleased to be offering Soil Resource Management Plans (CAP 132) in South Dakota as well.


Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CAP 102) and Nutrient Management Plan (CAP 104) are common cost share practices across the state of Iowa. A completed CNMP (CAP 102) is required for producers who are applying for an Ag Waste Structure or other livestock practices.

CAP 132

Soil Resources Management Conservation Activity Plans (CAP 132) are a pilot program available in Iowa and South Dakota to aid producers in implementing management practices that reduce soil erosion, increase soil organic matter and improve soil health.


Other Categories

NIAP is also certified in CAP 104 -Integrated Pest Management Plan and in the Nutrient Management (590) and Pest Management (595) categories.